combat Attacking
Finally, the reason you're playing. Attacking and destroying your enemies. You will find that Enemy Nations requires a lot more strategic thought than other real-time games.
combat Hitting them where it Hurts
Attacking front-on with a tank rush will rarely work. But focused attacks on an opponents weak points will lead to a quick victory.
win screen Game Won
And this is the window you will see if you are successful.

Features Include

  • A much richer combat model with combat affected by terrain, unit attack strength, defensive armor, fire rate, setup time (unit most stop and aim), accuracy, blast radius (can damage multiple units), and much more.
  • True fog of war affected by trees and terrain.
  • The map wraps so you can attack an opponent from all sides, if you can move over the terrain.
  • Drag select with the mouse selects only combat units so you do not send your cranes and trucks off to fight.

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