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PC Games - A (highest rating)
I'm absolutely gaga over the detail: steel frames rising slowly from foundations to create gorgeous buildings, rich smoke coming from stacks, industry-specific sound effects, trucks ambling along the roads, multiple levels of visible damage, fog of war, research, and diplomacy. Better yet, I don't think I've seen it all - not by a long shot."

Games Domain - Gold (highest rating)
Enemy Nations is a visual treat, and one which is extremely playable. It has the city-building appeal to draw in the god-sim fans and the military conquest aspect to give armchair generals their kicks. Enemy Nations is a rare thing - a strategy game which pushes the technology envelope. ... If you just want pure action, stick with Red Alert, but if you want a deeper and more attractive offering give Enemy Nations a shot. If you can play it multiplayer, all the better.
Enemy Nations is highly recommended and competitively priced. It's not without some flaws, but there's simply so much happening underneath the surface (production, truck routing, research, building and construction, multiplayer options, line-of-sight, and much more) that there's always a "just a few more minutes" feel to the game. There's nothing in its class currently on the market that's as ambitious in offering the features which Enemy Nations does.

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Computer Games - 4 Stars
...it is a solid source of fun, excitement, and great visuals. If you want to loose sleep, strain your relationships, and succumb to a new addiction, then play Enemy Nations.
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Gamecenter - XXXX
It combines the real-time combat and resource management of Command & Conquer, the city planning and economic modeling of SimCity, and the research, nation building, and diplomacy of Civilization. While Enemy Nations might not surpass these games in any single aspect, it does succeed in blending their strong points into an impressive package that offers challenging gameplay, loads of options, and tons of replay value.
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Sharepaper - 5/5
If you don't like game like this (i.e. Warcraft II, Settlers II, Sim City 2000 and Civilization II), you probably won't like Enemy Nations either. Nevertheless, it's almost worthwhile downloading (the demo takes up 22MB compressed!) just because of the graphics. Like games like this? Download immediately!
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Nexus Gaming Online - 93/100

AOL/Hecklers - 93%

Coming Soon - 91%
No doubts that the developers at Windward Studios have a winner with Enemy Nations. Let's hope that their publisher (Head Games Publishing) will do justice to their well crafted game. Enemy Nations has a great potential that you will be eager to explore.
The adaptive and unpredictable artificial intelligence of the game will assure you a great challenge, enhanced by the intuitive interface and the spectacular graphics of the game.

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PC Gamer 86%
...have created a labor of love that should please every fan of world building and science fiction strategy games.
Finding new resources and new places to expand calls to mind the best world conquest games, while sending armies to engage in real-time combat mines the current trend towards faster-paced strategy titles. There's a little bit of everything here, but all of it is well-balanced and well-integrated: it never overwhelms.
...we need more games like this.
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OGR - 8/10

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